Gianluca Olmastroni Gianluca Olmastroni film and video editor in Toronto

This web-mini series has been my pet-project for years now. The three mini-episodes that I produced, written, directed and edited date back to 2013, but the re-development of the project with a high production value/TV audience is always in my mind. I like to consider the original material as a demo for what the actual show might be.

From the official website:
The Wakefield Variation – the title comes from J. S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations – follows the apparently simple plot of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Wakefield and sets it in the present time: someday a young man decides to leave the girlfriend he lived with, and vanishes. This guy, Wakefield, has been hiding in a small apartment for years. He didn’t leave any traces behind and keeps spying on his former girlfriend using bugs and hidden cameras, in a sort of twisted social experiment. Time goes by, in a flow of memories, thoughts, and loneliness. When the girl – who has long moved on – is about to make a step which would put her out of range for good, Wakefield starts thinking about getting back into her life.

Although filmed in Italy, it features Vancouver-born actors Michael Brian and Kelsey Gillis.

Created by Gianluca Olmastroni and Alessandro De Nicola
Written, directed, edited by Gianluca Olmastroni
Production: Effetto Espanso